Xpeng G3 gets better battery and 40% more range

2020 Xpeng G3 electric car

The Xpeng G3, a Chinese electric crossover, gets various important upgrades for the 2020 model year. 

Last year, electric car startup Xpeng Motors started delivering its first vehicle, the G3. This compact electric crossover SUV features a 47,6 kWh battery and offers an official range of 365 km (NEDC). Its realistic driving range is closer to 250 km.

The G3 is front-wheel-driven by an electric motor with a power output of 145 kW. The 0 to 100 km/h acceleration takes 8,2 seconds and its top speed is limited at 170 km/h. Since the market introduction, in the summer of 2018, Xpeng has delivered more than 10.000 G3’s to Chinese customers.

Last week, July 10, the Guangzhou based startup announced several upgrades for the G3.

The most important upgrade is battery related. The battery’s energy density will rise from 140 Wh/kg today, to 180 Wh/kg. For comparison, the Tesla Model 3 boasts an energy density of 247 Wh/kg.

First deliveries in September 2019

The increased density allows a higher energy capacity for the G3 model, and thus more range. Starting from August 2019, the G3 will be for sale with either 400 km or 520 km NEDC range. That’s an increase of 10% to 40%, compared to the current model. These are of course theoretical numbers, the realistic range will be considerably lower.

The 2020 Xpeng G3 will get other improvements. According to the company, the chassis will be improved, the braking distance will be shorter and the battery will be better protected from water and dust.

In China, its only market for now, the first deliveries of the 2020 G3 are scheduled for September 2019. Xpeng didn’t release the price yet, but our sources indicate that the 400 km model will keep the same price tag as the outgoing 365 km version. So we can expect a pre-subsidy value of 227.800¥, or about 29.500€.

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