Toyota is going to buy its electric car batteries in China

electric Toyota C-HR

In order to secure a reliable battery supply for its electric vehicles, Toyota made a partnership with the Chinese electronics company CATL.

After focussing on hybrid cars for the last three decades, Toyota is preparing to enter the all electric car market.

Currently, Toyota doesn’t offer any fully electric car in any market. However, last April they announced an all electric version of their C-HR compact crossover, at the Shanghai Motor Show. The electric C-HR will first be introduced on the Chinese market, probably in 2020.

In order to secure a constant supply of batteries for its future electric vehicles, Toyota signed a deal with CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited). CATL already delivers batteries to many Chinese, Korean and European car manufacturers. Among them are BMW, Honda, PSA, Hyundai and many Chinese firms.

Earlier this year, Toyota also partnered with China’s BYD and Japan’s Panasonic for battery development and supply. It looks like Toyota is hedging their bets.

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  1. Toyota needs to get serious about its electrification plans in China. Good that they are finally taking action.

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