Nio ES8 electric car photo

Nio ES8: price & specs

Nio ES8 electric car photo

The Nio ES8 is a Chinese electric SUV with 6 to 7 seats, and a realistical range of about 300 km.

Nio ES8 price

In China, the Nio ES8 costs at least 456.000¥ (58.000€), before subsidies.

Specs & Performance

SpecNio ES8
Battery Capacity [kWh]84
Range [km]
Range [km]
0-100 km/h [s]4,4
Top Speed [km/h]200
Power [hp]650
Torque [Nm]840
CO2 emissions [g/km]0
Drag Coefficient [Cd]0,29

EG1 Range and consumption, as estimated by the editors of


DimensionsNio ES8
Length [mm]5022
Width [mm]1962
Height [mm]1756
Wheelbase [mm]2997
Ground Clearance [mm]NA
Boot space [l]NA
Curb weight [kg]NA
Tow bar possibleYes
Number of seats6-7


Watch Nio ES8 pictures here.


The ES8 is a fully electric SUV, manufactured by the Chinese automotive startup Nio. In China, the first deliveries of the Nio ES8 started in June 2018.

This vehicle is four-wheel driven by two electric motors. It has 650 hp and 840 Nm of torque. A 0 to 100 kmh acceleration just takes 4,4 seconds.

A 84 kWh lithium-ion battery offers a theoretical NEDC range of 425. In reality though, the range is closer to 300 km.

While deliveries were initially limited to China, Nio recently expanded to Germany, where sales started in 2019.