This new electric Mini is going to be produced in China

electric Mini China

BMW teamed up with Chinese automotive company Great Wall, to design and produce a Mini microcar in China.

Last week, Mini introduced its first electric car for the Western markets, the Cooper S E. It is a 3-door electric car with a practical range of 190 km, and a European price of about 33.000€.

Just days after the Cooper S E reveal, British car magazine Autocar published a report about yet another electric Mini that is on the horizon. According to Autocar, Mini wants to introduce an electric version of its 2011 Rocketman concept car.

The Mini Rocketman is a 3-door microcar, and thus smaller than the present Mini Cooper. It was supposed to compete with the Smart microcars from the Daimler Group. The Rocketman never made it to production, but Mini’s parent company BMW wants to give it a second chance, as a fully electric car.

Underpinnings of the Ora R1

To bring the electric Rocketman to market, BMW allegedly teamed up with the Chinese automotive giant Great Wall. They created a joint venture called Spotlight Automotive.

The new electric Mini will likely be built on the platform of the Great Wall Ora R1. This is an electric car with a NEDC range of 310 km and a pre-subsidy price of 115.000¥, or about 15.000€. At 3495mm in length, 1669mm in width and 1530mm in height, the R1 is similar in dimensions to the Rocketman concept.

BMW and Great Wall intend to produce the new electric Mini in China, from where they will ship it to other suitable markets. There is no official timeline for the introduction yet, but we don’t expect it to arrive before 2022.

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