These are the 7 cheapest electric cars for sale in China

cheap chinese electric car

Overview of the cheapest electric cars that are for sale in China.

With about 1 million sold units per year, China is the biggest electric car market in the world. Unlike in Europe and the US, most electric cars sold in China are democratically priced. So let’s have a look at what a Chinese middle class family can buy on a budget. All mentioned prices are before NEV-subsidies.

7. Chana Eulove EV

The Chana Eulove EV (photo above this article) is an electric version of the gas-powered Eulove MPV. The electric Eulove was introduced in 2017. It features an electric powertrain that produces 67 kW and 240 Nm of torque. The car is equipped with a 34,6 or 43 kWh battery pack, giving it a theoretical range of respectively 252 and 315 km.

In China, this car has a starting price of 158.000¥ (20.500€).

6. BAIC EC-series

BAIC EC 180 electric car

The BAIC EC-series consist of various entry level models; the EC180, the EC200 and the EC3. The EC3 is the most recent one, and it boasts an electric range of 261 km (NEDC). This car costs about 150.000¥ (19.400€).

5. Chery eQ1

Chery eQ1 electric supermini

The Chery eQ1 is an electric supermini, that was launched in 2017. The car got 41 hp and a theoretical range of 151 km. Although it looks like the Smart EQ, it is quite a bit cheaper. For just 130.000¥ (16.840€) it leaves the dealership.

4. JMC E200

JMC E200 electric car

This cheap electric car offers a theoretical range of 152 km for 126.800¥ (16.400€).

3. Great Wall Ora R1 EV

Great Wall Ora R1 EV electric car

The Great Wall Ora R1 EV is the Chinese equivalent of a Smart EQ forfour. It got 4 seats, a 33 kWh battery and a theoretical range of 310 km. The price tag is 115.000¥ (14.900€).

2. BYD Yuan EV

BYD Yuan electric car

This 5-door city car is one of the best selling electric cars in China. It features a decently sized 43,2 kWh battery that offers an official range of 300 km. Given you live in China, it could yours for 110.000¥ (14.250€).

1. SAIC Baojun E100

SAIC Baojun E100 electric car

The cheapest electric car is the SAIC Baojun E100. It’s a tiny 2-seater EV that comes with a 24 kWh battery and an official range of 250 km. It starts at 94.000¥ (12.150€), before subsidies.

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  1. Are any of these cars available in the United States? If so where, and how much would they sell for in dollars.

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