Electric BYD e5

BYD e5: price & specs

BYD e5 300 charging

The BYD e5 is a Chinese electric car with a realistic range of 330 km.

BYD e5 price

In China, the BYD e5 450 costs 220.000¥ (28.500€), before subsidies.

Specs & Performance

SpecBYD e5
Battery Capacity [kWh]60,4
DriveFront Wheel
Range [km]
Range [km]
0-100 km/h [s]7,6
Top Speed [km/h]150
Power [kW]160
Torque [Nm]310
CO2 emissions [g/km]0

EG1 Range and consumption, as estimated by the editors of eGear.asia.


DimensionsBYD e5
Length [mm]4680
Width [mm]1765
Height [mm]1500
Wheelbase [mm]2660
Ground Clearance [mm]NA
Boot space [l]450
Boot space [l]
Seats down
Curb weight [kg]1210
Tow bar possibleNo


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The e5 is a fully electric car, produced by Chinese manufacturer BYD. This car is based on the 2012 BYD F3/Surui gasoline powered car.

Sales of the BYD e5 began in September 2015. The first version had an NEDC range of 220 km. In 2016, BYD gave the e5 a bigger battery, which resulted in an NEDC range of 300 km. In 2018 the car received yet another battery upgrade, which resulted in an autonomy increase to 450 km (NEDC).

The BYD e5 450 is front-wheel powered by an electric motor that offers 160 kW and 310 Nm of torque. The 0 to 100 kmh acceleration takes 7,6 seconds, while its top speed is limited at 150 km/u.

The e5 450 has a 60.4 kWh battery. While the theoretical NEDC range is 450 km, its realistic range is closer to 330 km.

This is one of the best selling electric cars in China. In 2016, its first full year of sales, BYD sold about 15.500 e5’s (7th best selling fully electric car). In 2017, the sales figure rose to about 23.500 (5th place). The year after, in 2018, a mighty 46.000 e5’s left the dealership (3th place).